Friday, November 2

Crimpshrine - Lame gig contest

Legendary proto-punk band from the Bay Area.
Formed in 1982 by Aaron Cometbus on drums and Jeff Ott on guitars and vocals, it featured several different bassplayers throughout the years such as Tim Armstrong and Jesse Michaels.
This is their only studio album.

Tuesday, October 16

Padova Hardcore Compilation

This compilation features 19 bands + a declaration of war from Padova, northern Italy.
From punk to grind, hardcore to rock'n'roll, there's a lot of sehr gut stuff in here. Unfortunately the mp3s are in a low quality compression, BUT you have all the graphics included!

Tuesday, October 2

CJ Ramone - Reconquista

CJ has just finished his last south american tour and his first solo album obviously sounds like a Ramones album, but it's not as good as the worst Ramones album. Anyway there's something good in it, of course.

Wednesday, September 19

Strenght Approach - All the plans we made are going to fail

Strenght Approach were born in 1996 in Rome.
This album is from 2009, now they've got their newest "With or without you" lp out and tomorrow they'll begin a European tour.
Fast and clean newyork-ish hardcore.

Thursday, September 13

Collateral Damage - Eatcore

8-songs demo from last year. CD is a very good band from Italy, they just become a little boring every now and then but I'll take some time to remember everyone that it's only my opinion (of course).
Definitely waiting for something more!

Wednesday, September 5

Valhalla Pacifists/Burning The Prospect - Burning the pacifists

Valhalla Pacifists vs Burning The Prospect, aka english fastcore vs american crustpunk. You ask my favourite?
I say VP, no doubt about it.
Anyway, four tracks for the englishmen and two for the americans, get it if you still found it somewhere.

Thursday, August 30

FxAxSxTx - 2012 Demo

And of course, FxAxSxTx from Budapest.
As far as I know they are mostly members of Crippled Fox, also the music is similar, but, you know, faster. Tupa tupa at its highest levels.
Listen and download from Bandcamp.

Thursday, August 23

Apart - Gray light

I hope these guys from South Carolina won't mind if I put their newest release on free download.
They seem to have a good following. I'm not really into this kind of music but they sounds quite good.
So buy their stuff if you like people like Piano Become The Teeth (at least it's what they said, I don't know them either, sorry - I'll try to remedy).

Thursday, August 16

TxCxAx - Abhorrence

Russian thrashcore. They are Teenage Christ's Adventure, they play fast and their lyrics are almost nonsense, but funny. Influenced by bands like Spazz.

Thursday, August 9

Afonia - Smile of Sisyphus

Afonia is a three piece grindcore band from south Urals.
They toured Italy the other day so I had the pleasure to know them. They're tough as hell, desperate, fast and all the things good grind bands are.
They're also very kind persons.

Friday, August 3

Tear Me Down - Il tempo cambia

2012 album by these italian hardcore veterans, still hot. Twelve new tracks, sometimes fast sometimes slow, but always angry, filled with italian lyrics obviously against the cops.
Not the usual three-chord songs.

Friday, July 27

Lay It On The Line - A lesson in personal finance

South London hardcore band, born in January 2012.
This debut concept ep is from last May, and presents a true story about a rentboy who killed a teacher for a reason (sex). Actually you can hear some strong Iron Maiden influence here, those kind of melodies.
Name-your-price on Bandcamp.

Friday, July 20

Saturday, July 14

Violent Future - Demo tape

This 6-song demo really sounds like a tape from the '80.
Never too fast, but always super aggressive with that punky style I love to listen once in a while. Anyway they're a new band from Toronto, with ex-members of Urban Blight.

Saturday, June 23

Off! - S/t

I guess everyone knows Off! by now.
Here's the new album, new songs, same formula.
They're in the middle of a UK tour at the moment.

Thursday, June 21

Joey Ramone - ...Ya know? album by Joey Ramone?
Features old demos and leftovers from the '70ies to the '90ies. Endless threads, let's go!

Friday, June 1

You Suck! - Shit happens ep

How many songs can be written using just four chords? Ask You Suck! But despite what people can say to me this is a quality, because they're able of never being boring, and they've got some style.

Ten skatepunk tracks, out with the help of six labels.