Saturday, August 28

Cut The Shit - Bored to death ep

Punk hardcore from Boston, Massachusetts.
As I read from a review, this band featured ex-members of Tear It Up, Bones Brigade and Dillinger Escape Plan, and the singer now plays bass in Failures.
They're fast, simple but powerful.

Thursday, August 26

AC4 - Umea hardcore 7"

The brand new ep by punk hardcore granddads AC4.
They're from Umea and you can hear it in this 7" out on P.Trash Records, mixed by mighty Freppo.
Again, 6 fresh songs of punk rock'n'roll for all the swedish scene lovers, but I think these ones are slightly less good than the lp ones.

Wednesday, August 25

Tuesday, August 24

Ciarlino's back on tracks!

Hi everybody!
I'm back again, after a thunder hit my house and left me internetless.
During these few days of sorrow I decided two things:
1. I'm going to post nosonly album reviews/download links
2. For the reason you can easily understand by reading my english writing, I'm going to do it also in italian language.

How 'bout that for starters?

Monday, August 23

Smart Cops - Cominciare a vivere 7"

After their first self-titled ep they show here another attempt of their skills.
Punk hardcore, but a catchy one, and that rock'n'roll touch that seems to be the trend. It's a concept album about a cop who starts a new life becoming an addict. They should be working on their first lp at the moment.

Friday, August 20

No Friends - S/t lp

Debut album for these dudes from Virginia.
Basically it's New Mexican Disaster Squad with Tony Foresta from Municipal Waste on vocals.
It's a nice album, it's nothing but a well done hardcore album.

Wednesday, August 18

Lack Of Interest - Take another step

Astonishing power violence band I came to know just few weeks ago. They started it all in 1990 and they should be still active, but I couldn't find much more informations about them.
These 19 songs are very fast and chaotic.
Think of Infest, but a little heavier.

Monday, August 16

State Of Alert - No policy ep

This is the second release of well-known Dischord Records, Ian MacKaye's indipendent punk hardcore label.
These hardcore pioneers were fronted by Henry Rollins; formed in 1980 and lasted only about 9 months, playing a dozen gigs and releasing this only ep (plus three songs on the "Flex Your Head" compilation).
However, they were mentioned as an influence by several hardcore bands, and they're one of the purest example of the so-called DC style.

Saturday, August 14

Sniffing Glue / Press Gang - Split

Two german bands, five songs.
Press Gang are more slow and catchy, Sniffing Glue play faster and heavier. Search For Fame Recs pressed a very limited number of this record, dunno if there are still some copies available.
Anyway here's the download link, and check out the other stuff they released so far!

Thursday, August 12

XBRAINIAX - Hail fastcore

Waiting for their newest "Deprogrammed" full lenght cd out this fall, I'm having some fun with this 99-songs (!) collection cd, still available on 625 Thrashcore / To Live a Lie Recs.
They're from Michigan and they're fast as fuck!
Gotta love 'em!

Tuesday, August 10

Crooked Teeth - Demo

I must thank Dezo for this one.
Crooked Teeth are a sick hardcore punk band from Richmond, Virginia; Ericka is on vocals, and they all seem to love tattoes.
They sound fast, rough and moanful.

Saturday, August 7

Youssouf Today / Operation Eat Shit - Split 7"

Powerful split ep! Youssouf Today and Operation Eat Shit, two snotty French bands, both now dead.
Two covers by Craoman.
Youssouf are more thrashy and raw, OES are more varied, with female vocals. Thrashh!

Thursday, August 5

Anti You - Two-bit schemes and cold war dreams lp

This is the first lp from punk hardcore band Anti You.
They're from Rome and they're well-known in the hardcore scene, they released a few excellent 7" on different american labels like No Way Recs and Puke'n'Vomit Recs before this one on Six Weeks Recs.
16 new '80s-style blasts!
And a nice cover!

Tuesday, August 3

Much Worse - Proper execute 7"

"Fast ripping hardcore. Many influences, all digested. Always wanting to rage."

This is what they write about themselves on their MySpace page, and to me it seems a quite fitting description. I know very little about them...this should be their first release, and they're from Minneapolis.

Monday, August 2

Jello Biafra & Nomeansno - The sky is falling and I want my mommy

It all started back in 1990, when ex Dead Kennedys' lead singer and Nomeansno co-wrote the song "Falling space junk (Hold the anchovies)" for the soundtrack of the underground film Terminal City Ricochet.
A year later this album was released on Alternative Tentacles.
The result of this combining is exactly what you'd expect from it.

Sunday, August 1

Anti You - Making your life miserable 7"

Awesome 7". These dudes from Rome have just released their first lp on Six Weeks Recs after a bunch of outstanding eps like this one.
You know, sometimes I'm bothered by the unconditional resemblance that lots of european hardcore bands have with US hardcore, but still I cannot say they don't kick asses. They're good.