Sunday, October 31

Gonna Fall Hard - Demo 2008

2008 demo by venetian long-time hardcorers Gonna Fall Hard. Just 3 songs, NY hardcore style, self-produced on tape and cd-r.
They frequently changed bandmembers during their eight years of existence; the only original members still in the band are vocalist Dudu and drummer Buraz.
This is their last official release.

Friday, October 29

Hummingbird Of Death - Show us the meaning of haste

These guys are from Boise, a city with a funny name in the USA. However they're not funny; they are tough.
Grind, thrash and power violence mixed up with hardcore. A tornado!
They seem to be quite fast also in writing songs, as you can see from their discography in their MySpace page.

Tuesday, October 26

The Rip Offs

Legendary garage punk band of the 90s from the East Bay Area.
Check out this nice article about them if you're interested.

Saturday, October 23

You Suck! - Lobotomized youth

New cd for one of the filthiest hardcore bands in today's Italy. This time they sound like they just put a microphone in the center of their rehearsal room or something like that, and I love it!
6 new songs and a cover, Godezza style.
Anyway they'll probably record again these songs in a better audio quality for the vinyl version of the album.

Monday, October 18

The Italian Stallion - Back to thrashland

Their last 7" before disbanding in april 2008.
They're from Wegberg, Germany and they released a bunch of 7". Members now play in Sniffing Glue and Abfukk (I think).
Fast whirlwind thrashcore, the way we all like.
Maybe not a masterpiece, but if you got 5 minutes...

Saturday, October 16

Sick Of It All + Madball + Strength Approach live

E dopo il math-core dei Dillinger Escape Plan di ieri sera, stasera al New Age Club tornano a piovere bandane e tatuaggi con un altro concerto degno di nota: Sick Of It All e Madball. Ad aprire, i romani Strength Approach. Tutti più o meno freschi di album nuovo. Tutto a 20 euri.

Friday, October 15

Colin Farrell - Are not serious

Nice 2010 album for this new '77-style punk'n'roll act.
They were born as a band in June 2010 in Milano.
11 short songs, fast and catchy.
Next shows and more infos on their Facebook page. Nothing else to say!

Tuesday, October 12

Crop Circles - S/t 7"

Crop Circles are a hardcore band from Trento (Italy).
They released a demo two years ago and now they're back with their first 7", made of the four songs from the demo plus three new ones, a nice job.
Here's the link from

Sunday, October 10

The Dillinger Escape Plan live

I Dillinger Escape Plan suoneranno venerdì 15 ottobre al New Age Club di Roncade (TV). Il mio consiglio è di esserci, penso che il solo Greg Puciato ed i suoi bicipiti valgano i soldi del biglietto (20 euri)...
ecco se volete farvi un'idea su questi ragazzi date un'occhiata a questo video:

Friday, October 8

Crippled Fox - If I lived on Venice Beach

CxFx is a bandana thrashcore band hailing from Hungary.
21 fast songs (15 new ones plus 6 from the previous 2009 demo) with lyrics about being a thrasher, DIY ethics, the scene, bla blah bla. Anyway they're very active, playing shows and releasing stuff.
This should be some of their most recent shit.