Wednesday, April 27

Thursday, April 21

Motam DS - S/t

First and last full lenght for this talented dead band from Cuneo (It) who had lot of line-up problems during its life. This album contains the three songs from their 2008 promo plus 7 new tracks.
The real tupa-tupa!

Monday, April 18

FxPxOx / Seein Red - Split lp

This split combines the new breed of socio-political hardcore punks with the old guard of the genre. Macedonia's FxPxOx represent the youth movement, playing fast hardcore thrash with unmatched amounts of energy, positivity and speed. Seein Red have been a staple in the European hardcore scene for decades, bringing a straight-forward brand of pissed off political hardcore.  
 Review from Barbarossa Records

Friday, April 15

Caustic Defiance / Negative Element - Split demo

Today we go back to the early '80s. Negative Element was one of the first hardcore band from Chicago. Lead by the Stepe brothers, they disbanded when the guys moved to Peoria; there they started Caustic Defiance.
In 2009 Akashic Records had the smart idea to release this compilation split cd with most of the songs these two almost-unknown bands recorded.

Tuesday, April 12

Life's Halt - Studio discography

California's Life's Halt formed in late '90s.
They've always had a lot of passion in what they were doing, and for sure they played a huge part in the movement that brought the thrash style back (but without the metal shit).
55 songs! Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 6

Reproach - S/t lp

Belgian thrashcore.
One of my favourites from that country at the moment, or at least one of the best I know.
20 songs and a few covers in an old school cover.