Wednesday, February 22

Heil Hidiot - Endlose Hidiotie

A-covered tape ep by Heil Hidiot, no-nazi punk hardcore italian band which now is dead but still worth a listen.
Recorded in 2008, out in 2009 on Goodbye Mankind Records.
Female vocals, etc. etc.

Wednesday, February 8

Antisexy - El lurido

Heavy album of a dead band.
Antisexy's final chapter delivers 24 grenades (i think 17+7 from their previous split with Endless Struggle) of furious thrashcore with sharp lyrics.
A must!

Wednesday, February 1

Devastator - La musica fa schifo

Epic release of a well-reknown italian band.
To me it's a sort of concept album about italy's underground music scene of today.
An incredible mixture of thrash+hardcore+metal, powerful, refreshing and -above all- classy.
No commentary needed about the graphics.